‘We are a DAO. We want to be fair to everyone’

Getting to know the CFO of Gain DAO

Who are the dreamers and the doers who built Gain DAO? Let’s meet the members of Gain DAO’s core team and grill them about their goals and visions for this HyFi pioneering force!

This time we get to know Robert de Groot, the Chief Financial Officer of Gain DAO. He is a supporter of digital rights organizations, was co-founder of Hybrix, and previously co-founded an accelerator at the Lisk Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Nice to meet you, Robert. What is your role within Gain DAO?

As CFO I currently have a lot of conversations with potential investors and I am often refining our pitch documents. I spar a lot with other Robert (the founder of Gain DAO) to determine our course. I’m also working on maintaining our budget, because that’s something that investors find very important: is their investment being managed well? We simplified this a lot by deciding to implement Gain as a full-reserve token. Finally, I deal with our publication planning: I like to make sure with the CMO that we maximize our reach.

In what way did you influence Gain DAO?

I brought some experience which I gained on previous blockchain projects in the past eight years. I learned how to approach campaigns and I know my way around the legal proceedings. I knew how to reach users, and introduced some additional colleagues. I’m particularly glad to see how our ideas on the tokenomics model eventually shaped up to the contracts our developers built. Those were great sophistic discussions.

Why did you decide to join Gain DAO?

I thought the proposition of Gain DAO was very strong. Through my network in the Netherlands I found out that a lot of good people in the crypto community had joined Gain DAO. That and some research got me interested to meet with Robert McDonell, the founder. And after a three-hour conversation, I was convinced of the potential of this project. The cryptocurrency field like any has questionable projects, so I’d always recommend anyone to do due diligence before joining one or investing in one.

Could you describe Gain DAO in three key words? Why did you choose these words?

Easy, passive and fair.

I chose easy because we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to participate in Gain DAO. Participating in Gain DAO is also passive, because thanks to Gain DAO you can grow your wealth in a passive way: the pool managers do the work for you. And we are also fair to everyone. Tokens only enter or leave the ecosystem via our audited smart contracts. And because we are a DAO, the community can vote on future project decisions.

What are your short term ambitions for Gain DAO?

Rolling out our new product: our Treasury Management Services. We offer blockchain projects to manage their treasury and grow their cash flow. I also want to see our community continue to grow. With their feedback cooperation we can build beautiful new Pools.

What is your long term vision for Gain DAO?

In the long term, I envision a mature ecosystem, with multiple pools, so that you as a user have the freedom to choose which risk you want to take. I also hope that in the future we will be able to offer additional decentralized financial tooling for building and managing your portfolio.

Thank you for your time, Robert!