Passed with flying colors: Gain DAO’s first security audit

We have been audited! Usually, such a statement is not always cause for joy. But at Gain DAO we can proudly report that we have successfully been audited by Zokyo Lab Labs. Not only did we pass, we also achieved an above-average score of 98. The subject of the audit was the overall security of the Gain DAO smart contracts — the token and vesting contracts to be precise. These were evaluated by Zokyo Lab Labs’s Blockchain Security Team. Zokyo Lab has rated Gain DAO’s smart contracts as Low Risk.

So why did we choose a third party security audit in the first place? It is very important to us that our token contracts meet high quality standards. For example, the audit verified that the token contract implements and adheres to existing token standards appropriately and effectively. We use methods safe from reentrance attacks as well. Zokyo Lab also found that our documentation and code comments match logic and behavior. The smart contracts distribute tokens in a manner that matches calculations. Moreover, Zokyo Lab concluded that we follow best practices in efficient use of gas, without unnecessary waste. Lastly, Zokyo Lab found that our code is not affected by the latest vulnerabilities.

Why did we select Zokyo Lab to perform the audit? We chose this party because they believe safety is paramount. Zokyo Lab is run by the engineers who have built, led or secured some of the largest cryptocurrency companies to date. The team consists of pioneers in the crypto industry and experienced ethical hackers. Zokyo Lab employs a mix of experts: engineers, tokenomic experts, advanced crypto traders and experienced investors.

Zokyo Lab founder Hartej Sawhney has been named the number one Smart Contract Auditor in 2019 by Forbes. As industry pioneers, Zokyo Lab has played a key role in raising standards in the digital asset ecosystem. Furthermore, Zokyo Lab has helped introduce products and services that set the industry standard for security, transparency and compliance.

Summarily, Zokyo Lab concluded that there were no critical issues found during the audit. Three points for attention were identified, one of which presented a low risk. The two other points were strictly informational and posed no further risks. We have now fully resolved these three points. Furthermore, Zokyo Lab found that the smart contracts are well written and structured. The findings during the audit have no impact on contract performance or security, so it is fully production-ready. We would like to thank Zokyo Lab for their services.