What is the GAIN token?

The GAIN token is the medium through which participants redeem their Ether and vote in the DAO. The token is designed to increase in value over time. These are the most important characteristics:

  • Maximum Supply: 42 million Tokens per Pool
  • GAIN is a ERC20 Utility Token that operates on the Ethereum network
  • 2.5% of all GAIN tokens harvested will be permanently burnt, therefore stimulating long term holding
  • Governance Token: GAIN tokens are used for proposing and voting on important ecosystem decisions
  • Redeemable for Ether: GAIN tokens represent a share of the Ether in the Gain Pool
  • Gaining on Ether: GAIN tokens are designed to increase in value relative to Ether as new participants enter the Pool and as the Pool Managers grow the number of Ether in the Pool
  • Price Floor: The Harvesting smart contract creates a price floor for the GAIN token by allowing GAIN tokens to be directly exchanged for the Ether present in the Pool. This mechanism protects the value of the GAIN tokens from downside speculation