gain on eth

Gain on ETH

Gain DAO serves as a bridge between centralized and decentralized financial systems, leveraging the strengths of each to provide an attractive alternative to current DeFi investment vehicles.

Gain DAO Ecosystem

Backed by Ether

GAIN token represents a portion of the Ether in the Gain Pool.

Price Floor

The value of the GAIN token is supported by a Harvesting Mechanism.

Algorithmic Trading

Vetted algorithmic trading strategies are deployed to grow the amount of ETH in the Gain Pool.


The Gain Pool and Treasury are hosted with several seasoned brokers, and fully insured custodians.


The Technology Provider’s account is audited several times a day by an independent third party and all results are public.


GAIN token holders may vote to initiate additional Pools, select the Technology Provider, and development infrastructure.

Limited Supply

Max number of tokens is capped at 42 million.


Following the initial Gain Pool, additional trading Pools may be proposed and deployed as demand dictates.

Tokenized Wealth Pool

The Technology Provider is the engine that powers the Gain Pool, Gain Treasury and in effect, the entire Gain DAO Ecosystem. The Gain DAO democratically elects this position based on the providers competence to successfully manage the Gain Pool through the use of algorithmic trading strategies deployed in the traditional financial system.

Technology Provider Objectives


Increase the amount of Ether in the Gain Pool by an average of
3-6% per month.


Maintain a trading expectancy of 3.0 or higher.

Profit Factor

Maintain a profit factor of 1.3 or higher.


Limit maximum drawdown to 20%.

Industry Leading Algorithms

The Gain Pool is managed with proprietary trading algorithms supplied by our Technology Provider, Cornerstone.

Cornerstone's role as a Technology Provider is contingent on support from the Gain token holders via a DAO proposal and voting system, which ensures the Gain Pool maintains a high standard of excellence. Future DAO proposals may involve alternative Technology Provider(s) or broker(s) depending on their performance and service.

Cornerstone’s trading algorithms have gone through an extensive vetting process that included a three-phase live beta with a well respected, regulated broker.

Pool Performance

Total Growth: 211%

Monthly: 12.5%

Max Drawdown: 20.5%

Profit Factor: 1.9

Trade Expectancy: 274 PIPS

*past performances does not indicate future returns.

Gain DAO (beta) in operation since August 2020

Gain DAO Team

Gain DAO members and advisors from all around the world

Robert McDonell

Professional trader and market analyst. Robert has over 10 years of practical experience in financial markets, specializing in developing algorithmic trading strategies.

Amin Rafiee

UNESCO award winner and a global Bitcoin and blockchain speaker, with a background in product design. A consultant and an advisor within the crypto space since 2013.

Nolvia Serrano

Marketing and PR specialist within the banking and investment industry.
Nolvia previously held the CMO position for AAVE as well as a PR role for Citibank.

Eliott Teissonniere

A mentor at the Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator and an advisor to various crypto and technology startups via his company Nuclei Studio.

Robert de Groot

Supporter of digital rights organizations, Co-Founder of Hybrix. Head of incubation at Lisk Center Utrecht.

Hector Torres Córdova

Lawyer specialized in Legaltech and Fintech. Hector has worked with various private and public institutions in financial inclusion projects and in the development of new products.

Hunter Douglas Rogers

Professional social media marketing and business development specialist. Educating people in the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency market for over 6 years.

Dusan Ilic-Miloradovic

Crypto advocate since 2013. Background in financial management and business development in the logistics space working with conglomerates such as DHL and FedEx.

Tristan Roberts

Researcher focused on regenerative systems. Tristan worked on automating legal processes for entity formation with OpenLaw and Aragon, and has been developing a decentralized research framework to validate experimental gene therapies.

Luca Cotta

An early adopter of crypto, and one of the first bitcoin users in Italy, since 2010. Luca has collaborated with a number of different companies in the crypto space, one of the most known is AAVE. An expert in strategic consultancy, support, and marketing.

Jana Petkanic

Consultant specialized in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. Jana worked as the largest cryptocurrency events organizer in the Netherlands. Co-founding startups and leading business development for fintech startups, Jana’s helped scale up ideas into industry leaders.

Darren Franceschini

Darren Franceschini is a renowned member of the cryptocurrency community and Co-Founder and COO of Blockbank. Franceschini has vast experience in cryptocurrency, as he got involved in the space when he began mining and trading.

Umar Khattak

Umar is an Experienced Business Executive and Entrepreneur with demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services and Renewable Energy Industries. Umar is currently involved in Asset Management as well as co-founder of a Regulated Securities Exchange.

Fernando Borea

Professional quant developer, market analyst and data scientist. Through the years Fernando has worked in hundreds of algorithmic trading projects, allowing him to obtain a unique skill set in the automated trading space.

GAIN Token

An ERC20 token used to access the Gain DAO ecosystem and participate in governance.

As a GAIN token holder, one benefits not only from the possible appreciation of the underlying base asset (Ether), but also from algorithmic trading strategies that grow the amount of Ether in the Gain Pool.

The governance mechanism ensures that Gain DAO can expand and evolve through the use of a community proposal system.

Maximum Supply

42 Million

Seed Investors

6.3 Million (15%)

Expansion Stages

31.5 Million (75%)

Gain DAO Trust

4.2 Million (10%)

Let's Harvest!

The Harvest Mechanism is a smart contract that ties the number of Gain Tokens in circulation with the Ether in the Gain Pool through a quarterly event known as a Harvesting.

This process establishes a price floor for the GAIN token by allowing GAIN to be redeemed for Ether at the Spot Harvest Rate (SHR), which is the ratio between redeemable GAIN tokens and Ether held in the Gain Pool.

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