Gain DAO introduces Treasury Management Services (TMS)

Grow your cash flow with Gain DAO and secure your project roadmap

If you have a promising blockchain project, increasing your cash flow is probably one of your main concerns. Look no further. We would like to introduce you to Gain DAO.

About Gain DAO

Gain DAO is a bridge between centralized and decentralized financial systems. We leverage the strengths of both to create something new. We call this Hybrid Finance or simply HyFi. How exactly does it work? The Gain DAO ecosystem offers several machine learning derived trading algorithmic systems. These algorithms mainly work in the traditional financial market.

This strategy ensures superior infrastructure, liquidity, risk management and modeling of trading strategies compared to the crypto-to-crypto markets. Thanks to our unique hybrid architecture, we can now combine these benefits of the traditional market with the advantage of preserving the underlying asset as a cryptocurrency.

The Technology Providers

The Technology Providers are at the heart of our strategy. They feed the various Pools within the Gain DAO ecosystem through algorithmic trading technologies. Their role is to leverage this technology to achieve consistent return on investment. Each Pool receives identical trades and profit percentage returns. However, since the underlying assets vary, the relative return over time is also different. This allows you to tailor the investment portfolio to suit your needs.

Increase your cash flow with Gain DAO

We want to share our strategy with promising projects. Gain DAO Treasury Management Services (TMS) provides a cash management service for blockchain projects. Our goal is to increase your cash flow and maintain a conservative risk profile. Your project can increase its cash flow by using the same technology that the Gain DAO uses to power our Pools. As we explained above, we use quality supplier technologies to keep your treasure trove consistently growing.

We believe that ambitious projects don’t fail because they run out of ideas. These projects fail because they run out of money. Shifting markets, unexpected spending, stiff competition, a black swan event… it’s clear that companies who put all their eggs in one basket constantly risk running out of money. At Gain DAO we want to increase your cash flow sustainably and consistently, so that your ideas have the opportunity to blossom.

Benefits of Treasury Management Services

What are the benefits of choosing Gain DAO’s treasury management services? We are happy to give you an overview.


We understand that safety is a big concern for you. Your project’s funds never leave your control. The broker provides access to the financial markets and is also the custodian of your investment capital. Gain DAO executes trades on your behalf. This means that Gain DAO does not have direct access to your mutual funds, which creates a secure barrier between the client broker and manager.

Cash flow sustainability

Gain TMS offers a tailor-made approach to understanding the needs of your business. Through a collaborative workshop we execute a plan, taking into account your risk appetite, current burn rate and return on investment to provide a proposed investment strategy, with the aim to cover your company’s operating costs.


Gain Treasury Management Services are offered on a Pay-As-You-Gain basis. This means that we abolish the traditional finance fixed-term structure. Your company has complete control over and the ability to withdraw funds if there are short-term contingencies of liquidity.

Competitive rate structure

Gain’s Treasury Management Service fees are offered on a Pay-As-You-Gain basis. We offer zero entry fees, zero exit fees, zero management fees and no lock-in periods. Our compensation structure is a fixed profit fee of 20%. This structure aligns our interest with the interest of our customers, which is the basis for a long-term relationship. We want to help your business and your team focus on what they do best, so Gain Treasury Services will provide an account manager. They will oversee your account, provide monthly reporting, and be available for any questions or support needed.

Onboarding with Gain

If you choose our services, we have a simple step-by-step plan ready for you. We aim to provide fast and accurate onboarding, so you can immediately start increasing your cash flow.


Your company will have an account manager to help you get started with Gain TMS. Through the onboarding workshop, we will help you determine the optimal investment amounts by analyzing your company’s burn rate, forecasted earnings and the desired risk profile.

Your account manager will continue to provide support and assistance where necessary during the collaboration. We will provide account status updates and market reports on a monthly basis.

Broker selection

Your account manager will work with you to determine which broker is best suited to your needs and strategies. Gain TMS and its Technology Providers have long-standing partnerships with leading global brokerage firms such as Axi, Tradeview, Darwinex and IC Markets. We are available to work with your broker of choice to facilitate a smooth onboarding process.


Interested to learn more about these benefits? Ready to grow your cash flow? To learn more about Gain DAO and how we are pioneering HyFi, visit the links below and join our community on Telegram or Discord. Or mail us directly at [email protected]