Hybrid Finance is a unique value proposition that combines the best attributes from Decentralized Finance (DeFi), with the scalability and infrastructure of Centralized Finance (CeFi). Gain DAO operates using a hybrid model of regulated brokers and vetted pool managers, while maintaining cryptocurrency as the underlying asset. These managers operate in the CeFi and DeFi space to generate attractive yield for our pool participants.

As a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) our token holders are able to submit proposals that are voted on by our community. These DAO proposals cover a wide variety of topics including electing the best and brightest Pool Managers, the Brokers the Gain DAO partners with, as well as other key elements of the Gain DAO ecosystem.

We want Gain to become a flourishing ecosystem and we need our community for this!

By you! GAIN token holders elect Pool Managers to generate crypto-based returns for our Pools. These managers have to meet strict criteria in order to manage an allocation of Gain Pools.

GAIN Tokens

The GAIN token is the medium through which participants redeem their Ether and vote in the DAO. The token is designed to increase in value over time. These are the most important characteristics:
Ø   Maximum Supply: 42 Million Tokens
Ø   GAIN is a ERC20 Utility Token that operates on the Ethereum network.
Ø   100% of all GAIN tokens harvested will be permanently burnt, therefore stimulating long term holding.
Ø   Governance Token: GAIN tokens are used for proposing and voting on important ecosystem decisions.
Ø   Redeemable for Ether: GAIN tokens represent a share of the Ether in the Ethereum pool.
Ø   Gaining on Ether: GAIN tokens are designed to increase in value relative to Ether as new participants enter the Pool and as the Pool Managers grow the number of Ether in the Pool.
Ø   Price Floor: The Harvesting smart contract creates a price floor for the GAIN token by allowing GAIN tokens to be directly exchanged for the Ether present in the Pool. This mechanism protects the value of the GAIN tokens from downside speculation.

You have come to the right place! You can buy the GAIN token via this website. Just click on the Connect Wallet button on the Ethereum pool page.

That depends on a number of factors. The genesis harvesting rate is 3000 GAIN for 1 Ether. At the very end, the omega harvesting rate will be 1 GAIN for 1 Ether.

When you want to redeem your GAIN tokens for Ether during the Harvest, we will use the Spot Harvesting Rate to determine the ratio between the usable GAIN tokens and the available Ether held in the Ethereum pool. It is very likely that your GAIN tokens will be worth more Ether than at the beginning of your initial investment, thanks to our trading algorithms.


Harvesting Process:
Step 1:   Connect your web wallet (Connect link). Once connected your redeemable GAIN tokens will appear in the app.
Step 2:   Once connected, select which GAIN tokens you would like to harvest and the amount to be harvested. Note that 100% of the GAIN tokens you harvest will be burned in exchange for ETH.
Step 3:   Execute the Harvesting function. This will send your GAIN tokens to the Harvesting Contract to be redeemed at the next harvesting

Redeeming Process:
Step 1:   Now that you have patiently waited for the Harvesting, it is time to reap your rewards. Once again you will need your web wallet to be connected to the harvesting contract (Connection link).
Step 2:   Once connected, you will see the redeemable amount of Ether from your harvest. Keep in mind this may take up to 7 calendar days after the Harvesting date, as the process of withdrawing the crypto currency from the broker to the Harvesting Contract is a manual process. Once the Ether is sent to the Harvesting Contract, the redeemable Ether will appear.
Step 3:   Execute the Redeem function. This will send the redeemable Ether from the Harvesting Contract to your web wallet. The GAIN tokens have been successfully exchanged for Ether and the Harvesting process is now complete.

A: No you cannot. You will have to go through the Harvesting.

This is the redeemable amount of Ether for your GAIN tokens. It is determined by the ratio between redeemable GAIN tokens and Ether held in the Gain Pool.


Ø   There are 10,000,000 redeemable GAIN
Ø   100,000 (1%) of all redeemable GAIN tokens are sent to the Harvest contract.
Ø   The Gain Pool has a balance of 50,000 Ether at the close of the quarter.

In this case, the Spot Harvesting Rate would be:

200 = 10,000,000 GAIN / 50,000 Ether

Meaning that for every 200 GAIN tokens sent to the Harvesting contract, 1 Ether will be exchanged.

This depends on a few factors, one being the price of GAIN tokens on Decentralized and Centralized exchanges. When there is a premium for GAIN tokens on exchanges, it is better to simply sell your GAIN tokens on an exchange as opposed to Harvesting, as you will receive a better rate for your tokens.

Another factor is your time horizon for your investment. If you are a long term holder and believer of crypto as an asset class, it will behoove you to simply hold your GAIN tokens vs Harvesting them, which comes with some associated costs.

A: 100% of GAIN tokens harvested are burned.