All Avengers assemble! Can your trading skills complete the superhero team of Gain DAO?

Are you a financial whiz-kid who has developed strong trading algorithms? Meet Gain DAO. We are pioneering Hybrid Finance and we are looking for you!

Meet Gain DAO

Gain DAO is a crypto-based pool, currently starting out with Ether. We are powered by machine learning optimized trading algorithms that are operating in traditional financial markets. This way, Gain DAO serves as a bridge between centralized and decentralized financial systems. We leverage the strengths of each to create Hybrid Finance. GAIN token holders benefit from the possible appreciation of the underlying base asset and from algorithmic trading strategies intended to grow the amount of crypto in the Gain Pool.

The magic of the Pool Managers

The trading algorithms are provided by Pool Managers. They add the magic touch to our strategy. So what exactly is the role of the Pool Manager? This person or organization is elected by the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to drive the Gain Pool. Therefore, they can be seen as an engine of the Gain DAO. The Pool Manager supplies the trading algorithms used to trade in the currency markets. The centralized infrastructure provided by our brokers allows the Gain Pool to scale as the Pool grows in size and complexity.

We are looking for you!

The initial Pool Manager is Cornerstone Investment Group. Cornerstone specializes in developing trading algorithms that are deployed in fiat currency markets (forex). A strong player, but certainly not enough to complete our team of superheroes! Currently, Gain DAO wants to introduce more Pool Managers through the DAO proposal and voting system. This will help diversify the Gain Pool as each Pool Manager will be allocated a portion of the Pool to manage.

If you feel confident you can grow the Pool with your tried and tested trading strategy, we want to hear from you. But beware: high demands are placed on an aspiring Pool Manager:

> Minimum of one year of audited live testing results

> Performance metrics achieved regarding Monthly Return, Profit Factor, Expectancy, and Drawdown

> All trading strategies deployed demonstrating a minimum of 10 years stability using 99.9% modeling quality backtesting using variable spreads

What is in it for you? The Pool Manager is given a 15% performance reward for growing the crypto in the Gain Pool. This is paid out directly by the Broker on a monthly basis. The performance reward is only given if new equity highs are achieved according to the High-Water Mark calculation method. In this method, we look for the highest value that an investment fund or account has ever reached. If the fund is losing money, then the Pool Manager has to get it above its high-water mark before receiving the performance reward.

Do you believe you have what it takes to grow our Pool and reap the rewards? And do you want to be a part of a team of pioneering superheroes? Please contact Robert McDonell via [email protected] Make sure to include your audited live testing results (minimum of one year) and performance metrics regarding Monthly Return, Profit Factor, Expectancy, and Drawdown. Please also include proof that your trading strategies have a minimum of ten years of stability, using 99.9% modeling quality backtesting with variable spreads.